Tractors and Machinery

At Glen Innes Auto Electrics & Air Conditioning our staff of Auto Electricians have years of experience on most types of Tractors and Machinery. We've worked on ride on mowers and Dingoes to large Industrial Mining Equipment and nearly everything in between.

Lighting: Diagnosis and Repairs on all Lighting Systems. Headlight Bulb Upgrades, LED Tail Light Replacements.

Starting: If it won't start, we can fix it. We provide Diagnosis and Repair or Replacement for all types of starter motors and starting systems.

Charge: Full charging system analysis available for anything with an engine. Plus Repairs to most Alternators available.

Auxiliary Lights: Work lights, Driving lights, Extra Reverse light. We can do anything with lights that you require.

Instruments: Gauges not working or Warning Lights staying on, we've got the solution for you.

Spray Rigs: Our Staff of Auto Electricians are familiar with all leading brands of Spraying Equipment and have the know how to find the problem quickly.

Electric over Hydraulic Controls: We are used to working on all types of electric over hydraulic controls in the industry.

Other Machinery: If your not sure if we do the type of work you need, don't hesitate to Contact Us. The Answer is probably Yes we do.